New additions to our Eucalyptus range – Pommele Silevered and Fiddle-back Silvered

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We have been a bit slow on the up-take of Eucalyptus in this country. Its a beautiful timber, abundant, relatively fast-growing and completely sustainable. It’s also really flexible and varied in what you can do with it, lending itself to both the ‘smoking’ and ‘silvering’ processes and because you can readily find both figured and pommele logs the range of options becomes very large indeed.

After supplying bespoke cross-grain Walnut layons with vertical Smoked Figured Eucalyptus side stiles for one of the Grange Hotels a number of years ago we expanded our stock to take account of this beautiful veneer (see a picture of some of our current stock in veneer of the week). Now our most poplar variant is Silvered Figured Eucalyptus (so popular it even appears in my bedroom) which has a deep grey colour with a slightly brown hue and a beautiful shimmering block-figure. I would like to say in-depth market research has resulted in us expanding our range to offer both the pommele and fiddle-back variations pictured above, but in truth we saw these logs, thought they were beautiful and decided to take an informed punt that someone else would too!

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