Gold, Silver and Bronze Burr samples have arrived!

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The first samples in our new ranges of Gold, Silver and Bronze veneers have arrived and they look amazing! Grey has been the new black for way too long and black was rubbish anyway. Let’s have some more brightness, a touch of glamour, can I even go as far as to use the word ‘bling’ in the context of veneer. Grey is the colour of Brussels, of British winters, of boring conformity. Gold, Silver and Bronze is the colour of success and of winning, which given our abject football team and the impending imprisonment of our best cricket player is something we are unlikely to do as a nation for quite some time.

These are photos of our rough, unclipped samples for us to get out to our customers and make a few sample panels with. The main production is to follow, along with a similar colour range in Eucalyptus, both in figured and unfigured veneer. Watch this space for updates.


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