First introduced in 1994, refined over the intervening period to ensure customer satisfaction and inspire confidence in the Company’s ability to supply raw veneer and manufactured veneer products to a consistently high standard.

Operation of the Quality System is the responsibility of the Quality Manager but ultimate responsibility for meeting the Quality Policy rests with the Managing Director. Specific responsibilities for individual members of staff are defined within the Quality System.

Our Quality Manual describes the Quality System and is cross-referenced to detailed operational procedures with technical documentation as necessary.

The purpose of the Quality Manual is to:

  • Establish a standard set of procedures and practices.
  • Ensure continuity in operations despite employee change and to provide a reference text for training staff.
  • To serve as a reference base against which practices may be assessed and reviewed on a regular basis to demonstrate how DFRVL will control its business and maintain standards of quality.

Quality Policy Statement

We will endeavour at all times to supply wood veneers that meet the needs of our customers at good value to them and profitably for us.

All employees of D.F Richards (Veneers) Ltd will strive to support this goal.

This policy is implemented through the D.F Richards Quality System which is regularly evaluated and action taken accordingly.

David F. Richards
Managing Director
D.F Richards (Veneers) Ltd