The Richards Veneers Group considers staff welfare a top priority and offer the following firm undertakings:


  • Respect: It is our policy to treat all individuals with respect, decisions on recruitment, training and promotion are based on job related criteria only. In this way we can ensure that the talents and skills of all our staff are fully utilised.
  • Equal Opportunity: We value diversity. Equality of opportunity is an integral principle of the company. Each employee has an obligation to colleagues, customers and business partners to ensure a safe and fair working environment in which individuals can seek, obtain and continue employment without experiencing discrimination on grounds of gender, age, marital status, ethnic background, disability or religious belief.
  • Personal Development: The Richards Veneers Group believes that employees are a resource whose value should increase with time. We believe it is our people who will deliver future benefits to customers, shareholders, suppliers, local communities and to themselves as employees. The company will administer training in veneer grading and selection skills, FSC® Chain of Custody requirements, machine operator techniques, technical expertise, good environmental practice and health and safety awareness. A suitable programme is available for staff wishing to develop their skills to the full.
  • Health & Safety: The company will drive improvement in health and safety through developing a culture of zero tolerance to poor practice and encouraging good practice through training, sharing of knowledge and active monitoring of performance. The company is committed to providing a constantly safe and effective environment for all staff, visiting customers and their clients.
  • Stakeholder Pension Fund: The company provide access to a stakeholder pension scheme and offer a payroll deduction facility to members of staff who may want it.