Beleaf is a revolutionary way of turning a CO2 emitting waste product from one industry into a resource with almost limitless applications in another.

There are approximately 10 million hectares of banana plantations around the world. Each banana tree only produces one crop of bananas during its short life, it is then chopped down in order to allow the next growth to mature and produce another crop in as little as 6 months time. The fibrous trunks, which can grow as tall as 7 metres are then normally left to slowly rot on the ground, releasing methane gas into the atmosphere.

Beleaf (Biological Engineered Leaf) turns this problem into an opportunity, taking banana waste and producing a veneer from it in an ecological way. The transformation process is unique as by utilizing the natural resin present inside the banana fibre no chemical additives are needed to produce the veneer. Also very little energy is need in this conversion process and with production taking place at source where the bananas are grown Beleaf provides a beautifully natural and organic product that is positively helping to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere.

As a result Beleaf has submitted its products to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) who have undertaken a study to analyse the beneficial impacts of the production of veneers and panels made from Beleaf over those using conventional methods.

Currently there are 4 different styles of Beleaf VENEER available and these have been used to produce a whole variety of different products such as tables, wall paneling, doors, kitchen cabinets and speaker boxes as well as skis, guitars and car dashboards.

It has also been manufactured into an engineered FLOORING product available both as a Uniclick System, using environmentally friendly 8mm E0 HDF, as well as a thicker 12mm tongue and grooved option produced on fully certified FSC® Plywood.

There are also a range of highly decorative and colourful TILES produced on E0 MDF with water based gloss and matt finishes.

Further information about Beleaf (PDF)

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