Clean burning wood-fuel – Carbon-neutral – 100% recycled
Ideal for woodburners, chimineas, stoves and Rayburns

Our wood-fuel eco-briqs are an extremely efficient, clean and environmentally friendly source of energy.

They are produced from the recycled off-cuts from our veneer manufacturing process. As a result no new trees have been felled in order to produce them. All the wood used in our primary line of business is from sustainable sources. The off-cuts were previously going to land-fill but have now been recycled into a completely carbon-neutral fuel.

The eco-briqs are created by firstly chipping our waste veneer into tiny flakes and then compressing them under enormous pressure into cylindrical briquettes. Nothing is added; there is nothing else in them apart from wood; that means no MDF, no bonding resins and therefore no chemicals. Furthermore as all the wood has previously been kiln dried, the moisture content is extremely low, approx. 3%. As a result they are very clean burning and create little to no ash. As they are also almost exclusively made from hardwood they do not do not spit.

Their extremely low moisture content also helps to make the eco-briqs extremely efficient and they will produce approximately double the heat output of normal seasoned logs, around 6.0kW/kg.

As well as being a very environmentally sound fuel our briquettes also represent exceptionally good value. Prices are as follows:

  • 20 bags – £60
  • 50 bags – £100
  • 100 bags – £200

Each sealed bag weighs approx. 10kgs and although not completely water tight are quite weather resistant. 20 bags will fit comfortably into a family sized hatchback with the seats down. 50 bags will require a pick-up or van, these are normally stacked on a pallet (120cmx100cmx100cm) and can be fork-lifted straight on to the vehicle. If you are local to us deliveries of 50 bags or more can be arranged free of charge however please email us with your postcode and address so that we can check to see where you are.

For all sales and further enquiries please either email us on or call the main office number 01268 523611.